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HOW TO ORER:  It's simple, just call or email and let us know you want to place an order. Let us know how much you wish to purchase (a 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or whole beef).  For first time buyers we ask for a $500.00 deposit upon making the order.  Deposits can be mailed to:  960 Enola Rd. Carlisle, PA 17013, or we can coordinate other payment arrangements.

HOW MUCH:  Price is dependent on the hanging weight of the steer.  Our 2020 pricing is $4.00/lbs for Angus and $6.00/lbs for Wagyu.  Understanding that the weight will differ on each steer butchered a ballpark estimate is that an Angus will cost approximately $950 for approximately 140lbs of custom butchered, vacuum packaged meat.  That is approximately $5.50/lbs for All Natural, farm-to-table beef that was conscientiously raised and butchered.  The Wagyu is approximately $1,150 and is just over $8.00/lbs.


HOW MUCH MEAT:  You will receive approximately 130lbs to 140lbs of beef.  Again, it will always be dependent on the butcher weight.  You can have it custom butchered to your liking and you will receive all the standard cuts of meat:  steaks, roasts and ground beef.  The entire steer is divided evenly into quarters so you will receive an equal mix of the front and hind quarters.  Each cut of meat is vacuum sealed and labeled by our local butcher and is included in the price.  If you wish, you can also request beef sticks, bologna and hot dogs for an additional processing cost.   

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